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THIS SITE WAS UPDATED April 24, 2018. We are now have 23,658 individuals and 7,336 family surnames included!

Thank you for visiting the Van Gundy Family Tree Web Site. Please feel free to browse the site. If you are a family member and have additional information regarding any of the members listed here or are able to fill some blanks please feel free to send updates to the email address below.  Please feel free to forward any biographical information to me.  I will get it incorporated into the site as soon as possible when you do.

This information was compiled by Jane Van Gundy of Mattoon, IL. I (BJ Van Gundy) am posting it here for the purpose of furthering family knowledge and pride in our heritage. If you have any questions or comments please also send those to the email address listed and I will forward them to Jane or answer them the best I can myself.

Also, I have a limited number of email addresses at this server with the "" and now at the "" address that I would be willing to part with for a nice note to me. If you are interested please send an email to

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