BJ, Christy, Whitney (7 now 9) and Avery (2 now 5) and a new picture of Cardin (1) VanGundy

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Thank You from the whole family to Jane Van Gundy for her incredible efforts in compiling the family tree information.  Please feel free to update us about your family's information and details.

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I have email addresses with the address "" available and could be convinced to part with them for a nominal fee ($20 a year) so you too can be as sophisticated as the other family members that have already taken me up on getting their own name as their email address! Email me here for more information:

Special note to family members.
I have always been an advocate for the two word version of our name.  However, as computers become more a part of our life, I have found that it is sometimes easier to make the name one word than worry about some clerk looking me up in a database and having to try different ways.  To that end, please forgive the mix of the two word version of our name and the one word version.  I still get confused.


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